So this blog is for my Digital Natives project, in which I will be sharing my enthusiasm for ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube videos of video games, otherwise known as ‘Walkthroughs’. I also have a Twitter, Facebook page and Tumblr, all of which I will be linking to.

The difference between the two is that Walkthroughs are instructive as much as they are entertaining, revealing to others playing the same game where specific items are hidden.

For example, with the ‘Silent Hill’ series, there is a recurring theme of there being objects that are required for progression in the game’s plot. These items aren’t always in predictable places, and without help, sometimes players face the ‘game over’ screen via monster attack before these items are found.

On the other hand ‘Let’s Play’ editions are simply for entertainment purposes, for players to get a feel for what the game is like and see if they would be interested in playing it. This avoids the problem of going out and buying the game, then finding it isn’t in fact the kind of thing they thought – adverts on TV don’t always necessarily use 100% actual game footage.

I hope you like my blog!


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